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    Company background

    Shengzhou golden lion spring machinery co., LTD(Branch:Zhejiang gen yu machinery technology co., LTD)Is located in eastern zhejiang province of China,North of hangzhou,East of ningbo,The Yangtze river delta economic zone。Covers an area of construction area68000Square meters,Employees380People,Has development centers。
    The company introduces Germany、The multiple spindle technology of Japan,And the institutions of higher learning、Scientific research unit cooperation developed 30 many patent technology,Continuously improve the degree of automation,Let users as far as possible simple operation to manufacture high precision springs,Even if the winding spring is also a complex forming,Without additional processing。
    The product is“The machine quickly,Precision,Stable and reliable,The operation is simple”The characteristics of。

    The main products

    The machine quickly,Precision,Stable and reliable,The operation is simple

    Nine axis CNC spring forming machine

    Company specializing in the design team in digestion、On the basis of absorbing the international advanced technology,Has carried on the significant innovation,Function increased,Higher degree of automation,There is9Set of servo motor system。

    Six axis CNC spring forming machine

    Completely abandoned the traditional5Gear transmission shaft diameter changes agencies,Lever structure,CAM structure,Driven by servo motor directly imported high strength ball screw,Push the top spring pin board。

    Twelve axis CNC spring wire forming machine

    Suitable for the production of various kinds of compression spring、Rectangular spring、Volute spring steel、Tower of spring、Double torsional spring、Special-shaped spring flat spring, etc,Greatly increase the machining scope of spring。

    CNC spring grinding machine

    According to the size of the spring pressure,Automatically adjust the feeding speed,Suitable for spring characteristics of fine grinding performance and wheel compensation function,Can use manual and automatic feed grinding in one of two ways。

    Machining center

    The company has a number of advanced automated production lines,In the process of production of can achieve precision industry leading level。

    Efficient、Quickly、Orderly modern management,Engineering error control in the smallest degree,Ensure that the product quality,To provide customers with satisfactory service。

    In order to customer demand as the prime mover,Create first-class products,With zero defects as evaluation standards on the effectiveness of the quality,Don't accept bad product、Don't make bad product。Dissatisfaction with the status quo,Always think better way。The pursuit of product quality,Not only do the best,But to do better。

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    Our application

    The introduction of Germany、The multiple spindle technology of Japan,And the institutions of higher learning、Scientific research unit cooperation developed 30 many patent technology

    The smart spring forming machines

    Now the corporation specialized in manufacturing steel wire diameterφ0.1mm~φ23mmBetween the CNC spring machine、CNC spring grinding machine,Shop specializing in the production of automatic spring coiling machine、The torsional spring machine、Straightening machine and tempering furnace spring mechanical equipment。

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