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Jia in stainless steelJinan jia and stainless steel products co., LTDShandong province postal service authorization【'mailboxes】Production organization

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    Jia in stainless steel--12In jiangbei district focus' mailboxes manufacturing brand!

    The national hotline15954909348Advice immediately

    Strength of stainless steel products manufacturersJia in stainless steel, Quality wins

    Was established2005Years,12Years of experience in stainless steel products;

    Mainly engaged inIdentify project、'mailboxes、Stainless steel 'mailboxes、Smart 'mailboxes、
    Villa 'mailboxes、Milk box
    Such as stainless steel productsResearch and development、Design、Production、The installationAnd so on

    In the aspect of productionBring your own hydraulic folding bed、The shear、Punch、Plate bending rolls、Automatic spray paint、Room of the lacquer that bake、Screen printing、EtchingExcellent production equipment etc

    Absorbing foreign and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions、'mailboxes、Stainless steel 'mailboxes and intelligent' mailboxes manufacturing experience,Based on the actual again,In practice, gradually formed their own design style

    Have a highly skilled technician team,Strive to make specification、Beautiful、Durable,The good each quality

    In order to strictly control in delivery timeFifteen daysThe left and right sides,If you have urgent order,Please tell us the customer service,We will allocate time for you。

    We each designer engaged in this industry for many years,Has a wealth of design experience,Offer you a one-on-one service separately,Project scheme is designed for your project。

    Perfect logistics distribution center,Products are exported to all over;In the normal production period shipments;Unless urgent single;

    Has perfect after-sales team,For every customer to provide thoughtful after-sales service,The problem24HoursProvide a solution;

    We will be committed to the continuous research and development products,To improve the quality of the products,Enthusiasm to serve the new and old customers,Guests from home and abroad and sincere cooperation,Win-win development,Do have a strength of the manufacturers' mailboxes。

    Advice immediatelyThe national hotline:15954909348

    More clients in the eyes of us

    Jia or 'mailboxes can recommend good quality service

    Jia or 'mailboxes can recommend good quality service

    A property of jinan cooperation customers
    Scarlett 'mailboxes order fast,Delivery period is short,Quality is very good。Several times of cooperation,Quality is not careless is worth considering the real estate。 … [To check the details]

    Jia and product quality price populist team service is very good

    Jia and product quality price populist team service is very good

    Jinan a residential property buyers
    Product quality and cheap,Is worth to recommend,The door installation,Door-to-door delivery of attitude is very good,Deal with problems quickly don't delay。Very good … [To check the details]

    High production efficiency、Style good-looking installation firm

    High production efficiency、Style good-looking installation firm

    To a user evaluation
    Have a lot of, had better choose close not disappointed,The quality is satisfactory。Customer service attitude is very good also,To solve the problem quickly,Product style … [To check the details]

    Good quality excellent service product is very good

    Good quality excellent service product is very good

    For many years, partner evaluation
    And close cooperation for many years,Have been very pleased,Product quality is not only good service attitude is not careless。Product style and beautiful,Detail processing is very good … [To check the details]

    'mailboxes order processprocessI want to customize

    To make an appointment to negotiate

    Received the drawings

    Confirm the quotation

    Place the order for production

    Product testing

    The packing and shipping

    Customer acceptance

    After-sales service

    More and moreAbout us

    About us

    Jinan jia and stainless steel products co., LTD

    Jinan jia stainless steel products co., LTD., established in2005Years,Headquarters is located in the beautiful quancheng jinan。Company is mainly engaged in engineering、'mailboxes、Stainless steel 'mailboxes、Smart 'mailboxes、Villa 'mailboxes、Milk box products stainless steel products, such as research and development、Design、Production、Installation, etc。Company since its inception has been focused on the real estate market in China,Absorbing foreign and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions、'mailboxes、Stainless steel 'mailboxes and intelligent' mailboxes manufacturing experience... [To check the details]

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    Jia brand stainless steel to create

    Common problems

    'mailboxes production should pay attention to what to ask
    Here we are 'mailboxes To take you to understand you'll understand 'mailboxes What problem should note in the making。 Now the village below either apartment or office building
    The development of intelligence 'mailboxes now
    Smart 'mailboxes The use of right and wrong.Often widely,Not only is in the village,In the park is also obtained.The application of pan。Now 'mailboxes design is also very style
    What kind of factors' mailboxes by price
    Here we are 'mailboxes Help you to understand the knowledge point 'mailboxes Is also in constant upgrade,Now 'mailboxes in community is not only a carrier or a
    How to judge by the quality of 'mailboxes
    For people's life 'mailboxes The demand is very high。'mailboxes can send letters and bills。The normal case,'mailboxes price is if to choose and judge
    What kind of situation will affect the price 'mailboxes
    Here we are Stainless steel 'mailboxes Will take you to understand understand what situation will affect Stainless steel 'mailboxes The price。 Now the price of 'mailboxes for using letters communication
    I 'mailboxes
    Here we are 'mailboxes To take you to understand you'll understand 'mailboxes I way。 'mailboxes plays an important role in our life。With the development of the society and
    What factors determine price 'mailboxes?
    'mailboxes The application of more and more people,Then,What factors determine the price of 'mailboxes?Decide what 'mailboxes determinants of price?The following is with us The letter
    What kind of 'mailboxes are there common types
    Everyone at ordinary times often can be seen 'mailboxes 吧,'mailboxes are very common in our life,Whether it's neighborhood,Or office can see 'mailboxes
    Design scheme of 'mailboxes
    'mailboxes design scheme:At the time of design and production of communities' mailboxes in strict accordance with the provisions of the state to the size and specifications。Use 'mailboxes in life more
    What about 'mailboxes price difference
    'mailboxes is our building materials products can be seen everywhere in our daily life,We found when the choose and buy 'mailboxes' mailboxes price difference,This is how to return a responsibility?Small make up for you
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